Thursday, March 29, 2012

February Fallen release

Last year I was contacted by a mate in Australia, Steven Kolb, who was looking for a Rock singer for his project, February Fallen. I recorded one song for him and he loved my voice and asked if I'd be interested in recording a whole album with him. Well, 23 songs later we have two albums worth of material. February Fallen: Black, the first of the two albums was released in March 2012. The album is available for download via and iTunes for $9.99 and includes 12 great songs. 

I recommend this album for all fans of Rock music. Memorable melodies and thoughtful lyrics are the highlights throughout the album. 

Two singles have already been released as videos: 



Enjoy! And stay tuned for the release of February Fallen: White - the second album.



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  2. I can't wait for the second album!!! Absolutely LOVE the 'Black' album!! ---Love your site, by the way!! Keep on rockin'!!!---Geoff